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2012 Columbia Legal Services Pro Bono Award

Riddell Williams is pleased to receive the 2012 Columbia Legal Services Pro Bono Award.  In a letter from The Supreme Court dated November 30, 2012, Barbara Madsen, Chief Justice, states, “You and all the members of the Riddell Williams Law Firm have been true champions for legal aid and have helped create a deep culture of volunteerism in the King County legal community….I hope you all take pride in this well-deserved honor and may the attorneys and staff at Riddell Williams Law Firm continue to find satisfaction and inspiration in the service you provide to the legal community and beyond.”  Special recognition goes to Mike Pierson, Josias Flynn, Gena Bomotti and Dan Gunter, “…your service to the community has helped to positively affect the lives of thousands of homeless kids in the public education system.”