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RW Community Involvement

During the holiday season RW asked their employees to submit proposals, stating how they would make a difference in the community and how RW could assist by giving a donation and/or encourage volunteer time. Congrats to the following winning employees who are aiming to mean more and be more in the community!  #MeanMoreBeMore

Susie Miller for FW CaresFederal Way Cares for Kids helps children and families in the Federal Way School District. On December 19th, FW Cares put on event for those families where the parents get to ‘shop’ a selection of donated gifts, the children can make hand-made gifts, they get pictures with Santa, and everyone goes home with a ham for Christmas Dinner. For more information, please go to the FW Cares web site.
— We are making a financial donation.  Susie, her husband, 2 daughters and fellow RW staff member, Courtney Tracy, all volunteered at this event.

Melinda Sullivan for Mary’s PlaceMary’s Place empowers homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community.
— We are making a financial donation, and details will be coming soon about a sock drive to benefit Mary’s Place!

Courtney Tracy for Crohn’s and Colitis FoundationCCF supports those with inflammatory bowel diseases and research for finding a cure. Courtney has a close family member who was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s so she has seen first hand how these diseases affect those that are diagnosed.
— The CCF puts on camps for kids with IBD’s and we are sponsoring the cost for a camper so they can go have fun around those with similar diagnosis and see that they are not alone!

Lorrie Hopper for The Maple Valley Food Bank’s Power of Change: The Maple Valley Food Bank and Emergency Services provide more than 6,000 individuals in the southeast end (Black Diamond, Covington, Hobart, Maple Valley, and Ravensdale) with food and emergency services.  During the Thanksgiving weekend, the food bank was broken into and its safe stolen.  The safe held all funds for gift cards handed out on Christmas Eve to those in need.
— In an effort to help the Food Bank regain some of the lost funds, a change bank has been put in the lunch room on 45.  While many of us don’t use change in daily transactions, we all still have some sort of change jar at home.  Please donate what you can as every penny counts this holiday season.

Luan Tran for Graham Hill Elementary School:  Luan’s wife is a teacher at Graham Hill, which is Title I school. That means that the majority of the students receive free or reduced cost lunch. This also means that most students don’t have adequate access to books at home to read. Some parents can take their children to the library to get books, but limited means of transportation means that a lot cannot.
— We are purchasing enough books for 2 kindergarten classes to have 5 sets of books for 5 levels of reading to make sure that no child gets left behind.

Ashley Vinchinski for The USOThe USO provides services to enlisted troops and their families through centers located around the world, entertainment events to improve morale, and much more. Ashley’s cousin served in Afghanistan beginning in late 2009. On July 23, 2010, he was reported MIA.  He was held captive as a Prisoner of War (POW) for five days.  On the fifth day, July 28, 2010, Jarod gave his life for our country.  He left behind a wife and two beautiful small children.  The day his wife, Kimberly, received the news she also received a package from the USO.  It was a book with a DVD.  Kimberly plugged in the DVD to find her husband reading Addison (age 3) and Jordon (age 1) a bedtime story.  It will be the last moment they got to share as a family because the news of his passing occurred moments after the video was finished.
— We are sponsoring 3 bedtime stories so troops serving overseas can send their love home to their families in this special way.

Travis Dailey for YouthCareYouthCare helps homeless youth in the Seattle area through outreach and providing basic services such as shelter, food, education and employment training.
— We are making a financial donation that will go towards purchasing food that our staff volunteers will prepare and serve at the James W. Ray Orion Center.

Marla McCullough for the Keep Rachel Cool Project:  A close friend of Marla has a daughter who has a (primary) diagnosis of Complex I/III Mitochondrial Disease. This diagnosis comes with severe autism, significant global delays and frequent, often disabling seizures.  Besides all of those things and not allowing her to produce energy properly, Rachel’s autonomic nervous system can’t regulate temperature very well which taxes her mitochondria even more than usual.  So when it is hot out she loses all energy, concentration, and ability to play/have fun.  This summer’s record heat contributed to multiple hospital visits for Rachel due to dehydration, uncontrollable seizures and disturbing lethargy.
— We are making a financial donation to help her parents install an air conditioning unit in their house to help Rachel through the summers that are just getting warmer and warmer.

Kristina Markosova for The Union Gospel MissionThe Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in the greater Seattle area. Their 5 initiatives are to tackle these key problems:  hunger, homelessness, poverty high-risk youth and addiction.
— We are making a financial donation as well as putting together a list of employees that are interested in volunteering at one or more of their centers.  They are also always looking for attorneys and paralegals to volunteer their time at their Legal Clinics.