Bob Howie’s Annual Employment Law Update


This year’s update of employment law developments will be fun and educational.  You’ll learn:

  • About significant changes coming to federal wage/hour regulations this year
  • How Washington Courts are making it more difficult for employers to avoid jury trials, and what you can do about it
  • Why you should not mock an applicant by imitating Jon Stewart or telling her she is not funky enough
  • Why you should not comment that an employee is “a nice lady . . . but older”
  • All the ways in which the National Labor Relations Board wants to allow employees to use company email to badmouth the company
  • How and why the Supreme Court increased employment protections for pregnant employees
  • What courts are saying about reasonable accommodation requirements – including telecommuting
  • All that’s new from the OFCCP
  • Whether you can fire an employee who calls his boss a nasty “mother f____” – hint, you might be surprised

That and much more about harassment, discrimination, the FMLA, the ADA and more!

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Download the (PDF).