Disability Accommodation Management Workshop

Join our entire Employment Law team for a lively and engaging workshop about everything relating to workplace accommodation of individuals with medical issues.  Bob Howie, Larry Shapero, Skylar Sherwood, Gena Bomotti and Kristina Markosova will present various workplace scenarios and facilitate an entertaining and illuminating discussion to help you successfully face disability accommodation challenges such as:

  • An employee’s seemingly endless requests for medical leave
  • The issue of when to seek medical documentation from an employee, and what information to demand from the employee’s healthcare providers
  • The increasing use of companion dogs, cats, birds and other animals to address medical issues
  • Purportedly “medically based” bad attitudes and bad conduct in the workplace
  • Demands for workplace accommodations ranging from reduced work hours to reduced workload to reduced lighting levels to reduced interactions with co-workers

For more information, contact Bob Howie, Larry Shapero, Skylar Sherwood, Gena Bomotti or Kristina Markosova.

Download the presentation (PDF).