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Emerson Hilton Quoted In Bloomberg BNA Article Regarding Important Superfund Decision


Riddell Williams attorney Emerson Hilton is quoted in an article recently published by Bloomberg BNA’s Toxics Law Reporter“Glatfelter Can’t Challenge Fox River Settlements.”  The article discusses a recent federal district court decision involving Wisconsin’s Fox River Superfund site, one of the largest and most complex Superfund sites in the nation.  The court’s decision confirms that the terms of early Superfund settlements – including the allocation of settlement funds between cleanup costs and natural resource damages – cannot be reopened or challenged by non-settling parties who do not object to the settlement terms at the time the settlement is proposed.  For parties facing liability at a Superfund site, the decision underscores the importance of carefully reviewing all terms and conditions of settlements proposed by other parties.  Without carefully considering all potential implications of other parties’ proposed settlement terms, and without challenging unfavorable settlement terms at the correct time, non-settling parties will likely find themselves without recourse at a later time.

Emerson is a member of the Riddell Williams Environmental Practice Group, and he is licensed in Washington and Michigan.  He represents clients in matters involving environmental litigation and compliance counseling, including air and water quality regulation, hazardous waste handling and remediation, and contaminated site cleanups under the federal and state Superfund laws.

Emerson is also the co-author, with David Weber, of U.S. District Courts in Oregon and Washington Allow Indian Tribes to Recover Oversight and Enforcement Costs Under CERCLA.

The Riddell Williams Environmental Practice Group has played a key part in addressing some of the most challenging environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the nation.  Our group’s clients include utilities, pulp and paper manufacturers, petroleum companies, regional energy companies, airlines and airfreight carriers, steel manufacturers, waste management companies, technology businesses, real estate development partnerships, private landowners, and some of the state’s leading environmental groups.

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