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Smart. Driven. Practical.


We are a team of aggressive and savvy lawyers with an unrelenting drive to achieve success for our clients, on our clients’ terms.

Winning results come from smart litigation. And for us, smart litigation combines ingenuity, practicality and efficiency. Our overriding mission is to meet—and consistently exceed—the goals our clients set for us, not to serve our own interests. We recognize that disputes are an inevitable part of business, and define success as helping you through them to achieve your business goals. We approach problems from every angle to craft an air-tight strategic case. Our award-winning litigators have broad experience and deep skills, providing you with thorough and effective representation. We are driven by a desire to dig deeper, listen intently, and deliver powerful representation that wins.


People hire people, not firms. That’s why we built an excellent group of strong litigators who are equal parts ethical and tenacious. Who you hire is who you will get, without the hidden overhead. We offer the efficiency, skills and quality service of a boutique firm with the authority and credibility of broad litigation experience.


Our attorneys are expert litigators who believe in the power of teamwork and the diverse perspective it provides. We combine lessons learned from a broad range of disciplines to create a customized strategy for every case. That approach ensures that we leave no stone unturned and are well-prepared to tackle anything and everything, while keeping practicality and efficiency in the forefront.


Our litigators are driven to fight for our clients’ success. We aggressively protect our clients’ interests while holding ourselves to high ethical standards. We pride ourselves on the common sense and personal touch we bring to each case. In stressful situations, you need an attorney you can trust. As such, we are solid and steady advisers, yet direct and decisive in the courtroom. We are passionate about our work, putting our heads and hearts behind every case we undertake.


Our RW Litigation Group defines its success by the success of its clients. We are committed to working harder and meaning more to our clients. And our clients mean more to us—we not only represent them, we care about them and believe that makes all the difference. We provide our best in every case we handle – nothing less.