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Riddell Williams Awards Funding For Community Engagement Initiatives

The Vision Task Force committee at Riddell Williams has once again asked attorneys and staff to submit holiday community engagement proposals, supporting causes they believe will make a difference in the community.

The program is in its second year and the committee proudly announced it has awarded funding a total of ten local organizations, benefiting a variety of charitable causes throughout the Seattle region.

The committee congratulated the winning employees for achieving the goal to mean more and be more in the community. Funding was awarded to the following organizations:

Robin Nellist for Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF): ARF assists in covering the costs of veterinary and surgical care for shelter animals needing financial support. ARF is in need of Kong dog toys. Kong’s are great for helping the dogs stay occupied and engaged, especially in some cases with long wait times in the kennels. They are much more durable than the average tennis ball or other toys and less at risk of being torn into small pieces and eaten. A financial donation has been made so they can purchase as many Kong’s as possible.

Veronica Magda for Tent City 4 and Aubrey Mandus for Tent City 5: Homelessness has become a serious issue in the Greater Seattle Area. Tent Cities are temporary, legal encampments that offer some social services while trying to find permanent shelter for its residents. Two financial donations were made, one for Tent City 4 and one for Tent City 5, to purchase high priority items such as propane, tarps and batteries.

Bryan Case for Einstein Elementary School: Einstein is a school in Redmond that has over 40% of its students receiving free or reduced cost lunch. They are also in desperate need of a new play structure. Their current wooden structure is drab, rusting, unsafe and incomplete because the original manufacturer no longer makes the needed pieces. A financial donation has been made to help them reach their goal of a brand-new, safe play structure for the students.

Kristen Howell for The NPSA Foundation: The NPSA Foundation provides underserved youth with the chance to play and learn soccer and develop in a safe, progressive environment. The Foundation provides free and low-cost professional soccer training to hundreds of kids in Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton through recreational training programs and also provides scholarships for youth in need to join select and premier level soccer teams. The program is growing and is partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and Children’s Hospital Odessa Brown Clinic. A financial donation has been made to NPSA for purchasing much needed equipment.

Debbie Bishop for Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS): PSKS provides vocation experience through a three month paid internship program that provides 15 hours per week paid internship for individuals who meet the primary qualifications of the L.E.A.P. (Lasting Employment Advance Program) program. Individuals gain work ethic, learn responsibility and develop work experience which can be included on a resume. Participants work in the HYPE day program and represent PSKS in the community. HYPE is a peer-driven day program that helps teach street involved and homeless youth and young adults to advocate for themselves and includes workshops, community meetings, slumber parties for the squatters count, volunteerism and outreach. Annual events include haunted bowling and memorial to the lost angels. Participants of HYPE learn about other opportunities within PSKS including Core Membership. Youth and young adults have access to nutritional snacks and light lunches, a phone, the internet and a mailing address. They use a harm-reduction model which addresses substance abuse and mental health issues. A financial donation has been made to fund one LEAP internship.

Marla McCullough for WestSide Baby: WestSide Baby was founded in 2001 to help our region’s most vulnerable families by providing critical material items for their children. They are the only social service agency in the western King County area devoted to ensuring that low-income, homeless and immigrant families have access to essential items for their children such as diapers, clothing, cribs and car seats, free of charge. WestSide Baby does not interface directly with the public. lnstead they partner with an extensive network of shelters, domestic violence agencies, food banks, public health departments and other agencies (127 in all) whose social workers and providers work directly with at-risk families. A financial donation has been made to help them serve as many families as possible.

Jazmine Matautia for The Hands of Grace Homeless Ministry: The Hands of Grace Homeless Ministry is a group of individuals that include church members, families and individuals who wish to volunteer. Every Friday night throughout the year rain or shine volunteers hand out bags of food and other goods such as soap, toothbrushes, gloves, and socks to the homeless in downtown Seattle. A financial donation has been made to help them purchase items for the bags.

John Tuma for Free Range Health: Free Range Health presently operates community-style acupuncture clinics at four senior centers and offers discounted traditional Chinese herbal pharmacy services. This year, they have provided over 4,300 acupuncture treatments to a population who benefits from the relief traditional Chinese medicine can provide from chronic health conditions associated with aging. However, because acupuncture is excluded from Medicare coverage, the majority of their patients would otherwise be unable to access this treatment. A financial donation has been made to Free Range Health in order to purchase ingredients for a medicinal tea that helps their patients manage diabetes.

Robin Weakland for Birthday Dreams: Birthday Dreams is dedicated to bringing joy to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party and was founded on the simple principle that children must have a sense of hope, encouragement and belief that there are people who care. Birthday Dreams provides children a day of freedom from the burdens of homeless circumstances to enjoy the excitement of their birthday. A financial donation has been made to purchase food and drinks for a birthday party along with a Birthday Box that contains gifts, cakes and themed party supplies.

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